Monday, March 9, 2009

The only reason Nexicom has my business is because I had no other option!

Location: Ontario, Peterborough
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Nexicom

As a student living on-campus, I had no choice in the provider for my land-line. But my monthly bill, including unlimited long-distance, was less than $12.00 a month so I wasn't too concerned.

Of course, there were problems right from the beginning. I have an online account with Nexicom, and was able to log on using my phone number and a password I had created. However, the phone number assigned to me was NOT the number for the phone in my room. Instead, I was logging on to someone else's account (with the password I had created) and was able to look at who they had called, who had called them, and even their method of payment (including their credit card number!!!)

After several phone calls I was able to get the correct number for my phone, and set up a new online account with my credit card number so they could automatically charge my phone bill to it every month.

Fast forward two. I check my credit card online regularly to make sure there aren't any strange transactions, and I noticed my phone bill hadn't been taken off. I called Nexicom and asked about it, and was assured by the customer service rep that my bill was paid and my account was up to date. I asked her several times to make sure, and told her I didn't see the transaction on my credit card's history. She told me once again that my bill had been paid.

The next month my bill was just about $75 (opposed to the $12 I was told I would be paying). I was very confused, so phoned Nexicom once again to find out what the problem was. It turns out they hadn't been taking the payment off my card, so I not only had to pay two months of phone bills, but also two $25 late payment charges. When I told them I had given them my credit card number specifically so they could charge it every month, the customer service rep replied that she had "no idea" why they hadn't been doing so. Unfortunately she also couldn't do anything about the late payment charges, so I asked to speak to a manager. After hours on the phone, I finally gave up and just paid the $75 dollar bill. I'm just glad I noticed before the fees got any higher, or they cut off my phone.

So just a warning to anyone using Nexicom: make sure if you're using the automatic payment approach you check your credit card / bank account history regularly so you don't get stuck with months worth of late payment charges.

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