Friday, March 6, 2009

Bell Mobility

Location: Ontario, Totonto
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Customer Service

I had been a loyal Bell Customer since 2001. That is until I realised I was being extorted. With my wireless plan, I was eligible for a free hardware upgrade so long as I agreed to add three years to my contract. Given my pleasant experience with Bell thus far, I agreed. Then all hell broke loose.

I was given a brand new TV phone. It was suppose to be state of the art featuring an EVDO speed internet experience in addition as the ability to play MP3, Video, and TV. I was offered the unlimited internet package in addition to my original phone plan and I accepted given the "coolness" of this phone. This plan gave me unlimited internet access and unlimited TV.

The novelty wore off about three weeks later when the phone started to bore me. No pre-loaded games, I had to pay for downloading games. The unlimited TV?...just news clips and other useless information. So I ate the $100/month phone bills I was receiving. About 24 months into the contract, I realized I was paying a mint for something I was not using. So I called Bell to try and get some relief. I had to speak to that "Emily" automated operator to direct my call. and go through the ever incessant menu's just to get someone on the phone. I give my request to cancel this internet package and the CSR tries to offer me discounts instead. I can have a discount which will save me $10/month but I have to resign for another 3 years. I can't get the deal otherwise. I decline stating I'm trying to save money and don't want to be locked in. Again she tries to sell me and again I decline.

After many attempts over a couple more months, I finally decided Bell isn't interested in the satisfaction of their customers and I start shopping elsewhere. Lucky for me I can transfer my phone number to another carrier.

I sign a contract with Fido and my phone number is transferred. I'm repeatidly told by the rep at Fido NOT to cancel my Bell account or else the number transfer will become void and I will lose my phone number. The rep says transferring the phone number will automatically close the Bell account.

I have my new phone and I'm happy with my rate plan and features. I get a bill from Bell as I expected for final balance due. I expected to see an early cancellation fee as I broke the contract, but I was not prepared for an additional monthly bill for an additional month. Bell was looking for:

the last month (expected) $100
cancellation fee (expected) $100
additional month (not expected) $100
administrative account closure fee $35


I was charged for the month I was using my new phone. I couldn't use my Bell phone because the phone number was stripped from it when I activated with another carrier. What the hell is an account closure fee? Bell was looking for an additional $235 to close the account!! I called them to ream them out and I'm told I must cancel my service 30 days in advance otherwise I'm charged for an additional month. Not only that, the additional internet package was not part of the contract as it was an add on and I still got charged an additional month for it. I informed the rep I would not pay any overages. I paid the balance owing less the additional month and account closure fee.

Bell has since sent the remaining balance to collections. They threatened to sue me if I didn't pay, I threatened to report and possibly seek legal action against them for extortion.

They still wait for payment that will not come.

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