Friday, March 6, 2009

Bad Breath Billy Play On Church St Gay Bar Toronto

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Bad Breath Billy

This dude is so fuckin nasty FAT dirty. I am a BINGO Queen and go there daily to play BINGO...I am on ODSP and love to sit drink and play my BINGO. This Bartender likes to control the BINGO cards while Madame the gay Bingo Caller has her friends get extra cards. Pillow Face gets extra cards because he made a fuss with Madame the BINGO caller. Billy Bad Breath is so disgusting he DRINKS all day and DRUNK at work, he gets msierable if you question the BINGO cards...he controlls if he doesn't like you he gives CRAP service...I get it all the time...Mt ODSP is better somwhere else...he serves these Ontario Works pepole all day that blow their monies at that
GAY BAR PLAY that hires these drunks that are not clean and fresh and polite...drunk smelly booze breah.
He needs to stop with the shooters at the bar, he falls in a CAB after his shifts daily......What a CLOWN he is...real class act CLOWN.

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