Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love Timmies, BUT...

Location: Ontario, Brantford
Industry: Restaurant
Company: Tim Hortons

Lately I think the Tim Horton's employees see me coming and decide to bug me- on purpose.

It started at a location on Highway 24 on the way up to Cambridge. It's a fairly new location and there are many students working there (which is great- I'm a student too). I walk in and there's no customers, so I walk right up to order. There are two employees standing there counting cups or something, there's one employee mopping, and some more in the back. I stand there a good two minutes before they even say anything to me. I was so angry, I almost walked out. It's not like they didn't see me or anything, they just ignored me.

The second time was this weekend. It was actually the same Tim Horton's location as above. My boyfriend and I ordered sandwiches at the drive-thru. I ordered an egg salad sandwich toasted on whole wheat with no lettuce. So I get my sandwich- it's not toasted, it's not cut in half and it has tomatoes on it. There's not even supposed to be tomato on the egg salad! My boyfriend's sandwich was perfect, just like he ordered and cut in half.

The third incident was this morning. I ran into the Tim Horton's on Fairview in the Zehr's plaza and there are two older women at the cash register talking about something. Just their own business. There's no line up and I just stand in front of them for about 30 seconds while they finish their conversation. I order a steeped tea, pay and leave. After letting my drink cool for a while, I open it up and realise they gave me coffee.

Okay, i understand that these are all just mistakes, but they could be avoided if these people had been doing their jobs. Their main job is to serve people. I know that they are NOT supposed to be counting cups or chatting instead of serving customers.
It just makes me so angry that these easily avoidable mistakes keep happening. There's just no excuse for it anymore.

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