Thursday, November 22, 2007

BEST BUY WOODBRIDGE OUTRAGE - Manager throws customers keys into garbage

Location: Ontario, Woodbridge
Industry: Retail mv
Company: Best Buy

I hope this is the right forum, and that someone can help me out, or point me into the right direction.

- A few week ago at BB location (Woodbridge [Hwy 7 and 400]), I parked my car, had my keys in my hand, and an item to return. As I left Customer Service, I was distracted by one of their flyer, so I stood there for a minute or two, and reviews the different sales.

As I walked away to look at a new mouse and keyboard at the back of the store.
I was in and out in 15 minutes, walking out, I quickly glanced to my left at the Security booth, and saw the Security Officer, Manager, and a Sales Rep at the counter. Just then the Security Officer gave the Manager a bunch of keys, on the same instance (said Manager) drop it into the large garbage bin (I did not hear any spoken words).
I decided to check for my car keys, and it wasn't there. In the same instance the Security Officer asked if it was my keys, I reply "possibly", and he reached in and pulled out MY BUNCH OF KEYS.

I took down the Managers name, left the store to compose myself, then went back in, and spoke to another Manager (different from the CULPRIT). He apologized, and agreed to the following:
- There is a store policy for lost/returned items - and this instance protocols were not followed.
- He took my contact information, and noted that he will have someone call me back.
- Advised that because he is a Manager, and on the same hierarchal scale as the other Manager, he could not do anything about it (reprimand), other than take notes, document it, and have a Higher Being (General Manager), call me back.
- Three weeks have past, and I have not received a phone call.

1 - MY FAULT, I should have been more responsible with my keys.
2 - Why wasn't the lost/returned item properly documented, and kept in a safe place, in the case I was to return, knowing well that it was at this location that I misplaced my keys?
3 - Is this how a Manager, under professional conduct, acts in front of other subordinate employee's (Security Officer, Sales Rep).
4 - Is this how Best Buy shows a commitment to their customers?

I'm sure other will scrutinize me for forgetting my keys. I'll take fault to it, none the less it was a mistake, why wasn't protocols followed?

Your questions, and comments, and are welcome

--NOTE: This issue originally happened Jun 21st, 2005 to RedFlag Deals
UPDATE: Nobody followed up or called me about this issue

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