Sunday, November 25, 2007


Location: , Toronto, Ontario
Industry: Retail md mv
Company: Futureshop

I went to Futureshop this week and they have moved to the Dundas and Yonge area and I thought they would change their way of treating their customers. Unfortunately it changed for the worst...
I was going to buy a package of computer and as a customer I decide to ask for a discount/better deal... Their manager said "do you think we are charity here?"

What bugs me there is...
1, Trying to sell their credit card to me
2, Trying to sell their stupid warranty
3, Trying to sell their stupid service for making a recovery disc which should have been in the package deal
4, Trying to sell me a not as good computer said a Quad processor computer is not necessary

They think they are giving great deal ... may be so but I dont think they are cheapest. I can find other stores up at Scarborough / Markham that sells cheaper and better products. SO if you are planning to go there, just BE CAREFUL with their sales' attitude.

Mind you that it is natural to ask for a lower price because I know they were lying about their cost prices vs selling prices. I was going to buy the package but the manager's attitude just didnt cut it. They are not flea markets yes but they sure are dealing with their customers like they were not paying alot of money, in my case 1600 for that package! They would not be in business if they dont make money.( Even their CDs/DVDs make a profit of at least $10 each)
If I were the manager I would not use that kind of tone to my customers and I would just say sorry it is not possible to give a discount for that little margin return. It would be so much better. Dont you think? Customers like me will only test their ability to be a real good customer care sales and not just giving them money for what they are selling.
I was so serious about buying the package that my credit card was out of my pocket at the time. When I heard him saying to me "this is not what you call" I was like what do you mean "charity" I am paying $1600 and you are telling me it is charity?


  1. thats bull shit..

    a. a manager would never say that
    b. you think ur in china town?
    c. fuck get real ask for a discount on a already packaged computer ..

    next time goto the fleamarket ull get your discount there

  2. Yah you are bullshitting
    a. I wasnt the only one there
    b. You think you are there
    c. get real if you dont like me complain, go to hell move on. Drink some urine

    nextime you should go fuck yourself.

  3. LOL ... great reply.

    Seems like he/she looooves bad services, but yet keep coming back to read ppl's complaints.

  4. At FutureShop, BestBuy, Walmart and other big box stores, the prices are set in stone - you can't bargain like you can at some back-alley store or fleamarket. You can only pricematch, with proof of the lower price. Like the other guy mensioned, this isn't China. The manager was probably just irratated with all these Chinese people asking for discounts. ROFL!

  5. Ok, now you are just being purely racist.

    If you can't take criticism about your factless comment, than just leave it. Being racist just becos you can't win is low, low enuf to reach the bog and drink urine I suppose....

  6. i won't comment on whether it was good move to ask for a discount or not however, a customer is not supposed to be treated with that attitude! it's just so wrong, and I would've seriously given them a hard time - written a complain letter or speak to the store manager (if he's not already the one).

    btw...i don think that chinese people are the only ones asking for discounts though.

  7. In my job I deal with members of the public and I have to ask their occupation. I had a guy a few weeks ago who works as a "salesperson" at Future Shop. As small talk, I asked him about FS - here is what he told me:
    1. They are 100% commission sales there. The only exception is the people who sell video games or he said if you're a bad salesperson they'll give you a salary.
    2. He told me the prices are not set in stone - particularly if it is a higher priced item (you aren't going to negotiate the price of a DVD). There is room for the salespeople to move.

    So there is nothing wrong with asking if they can do any better on the price. It costs nothing to ask and the worst thing that can happen is that they say "no".

  8. Are you a born and raised Canadian? Prices in stores are THE prices, especially in chain stores. It's very rude to just assume that you'll get a deal by asking. What's their incentive for cutting you a deal anyway? Just because? Not good enough. If you were buying that computer, AND a big screen TV, AND a stereo system, AND a blu-ray, etc, maybe they'd want to give you a bit of a discount. Just one pre packaged product? Yeah right.

    The lackey in the store that you asked the deal for is just the messenger anyway, it's not like he made up the price or is in charge of pricing.

    Go to the back alley or garage sales to barter, not Yonge and Dundas future shop.

  9. for the fools who say that the prices are set in stone, they are not. i have a close family friend who works at a future shop in uptown unionville who let's us know how exactly it works at futureshop. PRICES ARE NOT SET IN STONE. it is commission based but a manager and some sales reps are allowed to drop prices to almost ridiculous ranges. i always buy my stuff from him and i get them at 60% cheaper, all allowed within the system--DISCOUNTS ARE ALLOWED. so next time people try to run their mouth about chinatown know what you're talking about first, racist pricks.

  10. and by the way, he did not buy it for me with an employee discount, he even shows me the screen on how he does it and there's a specific code they put in for discounts to customers. if you're nice, they often do give discounts, but of course you can't expect them to give a one-time customer a discount. if you straight up demand it without much of a relationship don't expect it to go through. however, discounts are DEFINITELY possible.