Wednesday, November 14, 2007

TigerDirect online order - Customer service

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Retail

Ordered an PDA phone from 4 days later, received an email about UPS had dropped the package at front door. I searched around and did not find it. I called UPS Canada customer service and they needed to followed up with the driver on details. UPS asked me to called TigerDirect to file a 'lost' claim.

So I spoke with a lady (TigerDirect) and she started question me why I did not stay at home for the delivery. She said there was email sent out from the company which mentioned about where the shipment was. Once it said in 'Ontario', I should stay at home and wait. It is my fault in this case.

I then asked why there is no signature required on a $400+ product. She said there is BUT I was too cheap that did not 'select' that option so it is my fault - again.
I demanded that there is NO place for 'signature' option and walk thru the online process with her. She found out that she made a mistake but did not say sorry about it.

A new shipment will be resent to me when I request to pickup from store - the answer is NO. Then I explained to her, I cannot stay at home and wait for the product and want to cancel the order - the answer is NO.

I wanted to add 'signature' option on my order - ... of course - NO. This was a replacement order and everything needs to stay the same.

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  1. I read that firm and partners were offering the cheapest RAM on the net. did a quote, found the opposite was true. could get it locally for less in a retail store.
    so much for online savings.