Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't Buy at PetCareRx!

Location: Other, West Chester
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: multiple charges

I thought it would be convinent to use PetCareRx to order flea/tick and heartguard medication for my dog. While placing the initial order was simple, because of a complication I decided to cancel the heartguard order.

I called once, was told my order was cancelled and that the refund would show up in my bank account within two business days. After two business days had passed and no money had been credited to my account, I called PetCareRx again. I was told the order had NOT been cancelled but that is surely was this time and that I would receive my money back within two business days.

In two days I checked my bank account only to find that PetCareRx had charged a SECOND charge to my account. I called immediately and the representative I spoke with informed me that there was "a glich in the system" and that a second order of the flea/tick medication had been shipped to me, hence the second charge. I asked that the money be credited to my account and I was informed that this was not how the worked. Only once I had returned the second shipment would I receive my money back.

I asked that the money be put back into my account as it was their error not mine, but the representative refused saying this was not how they did business. Very frustrating!

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