Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TD Canada "Trust"?

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: TD Canada Trust

These past two weeks have been quite a hassle. My boyfriend and I went to TD Bank to get a money order so that we could pay our rent. Everything went smoothly, and everything was good. That was until my boyfriend misplaced the money order, and then this is when the problems started piling onto eachother.

We went back to the bank, and told them the problem. The man behind the desk was less than helpful. He told me that there was nothing that he could do, and only one person could help me, who was conveniently not at the bank at the time. He took all my information and told me that an investigation would have to go into this. He said that there should be positive outcome and that he/and or manager would update me frequently. He also said that I can call at any time. Yeah, right.

The manager called me once in the two weeks. I called back and left a message on her voicemail and did not receive a phone call back. I called again, and she was not in again and did not call me back. After calling the bank quite a few more times trying to find out who exactly could help me, and when, I finally got an answer.

And then something else happened... Both of my cards had been cancelled while I was away for 3 days a few hours away. My boyfriends was also cancelled. We called their "Easy-Line" on the back of the debit card, and they could not do anything for us at all. They said that we'd have to go into a branch. But of course, it was a stat holiday that day, and we would not be anywhere close to a bank for another day. The banks "Easy-Line" telephone service representative apparently could not re-activate my card and I was without money for three days. What use are these representatives if they cannot do anything? Why are they not given some kind of authority to do these things? What are they being paid for!? So, because we apparently used our cards in a "suspicious" place, they deny me access to my funds? That is MY hard earned money. How dare they not give me a warning and cancel my card. I needed money in those three days, and I was told on the phone to go renew my card, and of course, as I said, it was conveniently on a stat holiday.

Then I finally went into the bank one morning and met the original girl that I was told was the only one that could replace money orders, even though there was apparently two other managers that could do it. One of which we found out was non-existant, meaning, there was no one who worked there with the name the lady on the phone gave me. Great!

So, to sum things up, I had a less than helpful representative at the bank who basically told me that there was nothing that he could do, and that he hoped that no one would cash our missing money order. He did NOT offer a stop payment on it because, as the manager said to me when I went in the get another one, they "wanted to see how it was going to turn out". The bank was waiting to see what was going to turn out with my $819 dollars! They finally put a stop payment on it, but apparently we are still responsible for the money order. So there is a $819 money order floating around in Toronto, and apparently a stop payment does nothing because we are still responsible for it! HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? Why does the stop payment not do anything? Why can't they cancel it? Why do I have to be responsible for the FIRST money order?

Then I had the lady on the phone give make believe managers just to cover her a** because she did NOT know what she was talking about, and all this just for a money order. And then when I asked the manager about the card being cancelled and the denial of my funds all she could say was that it was used in a place with suspicious acitvity. How can they do that? Deny me my own money?

In the end I can definately say that I am changing banks. I am also going to write a formal complaint at the terrible customer service I received from TD Bank in Toronto.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me, but I had no problems having mine cancelled, I just had to wait a few days to see if it would come up.

  2. How could you lose a money order, how irresponsible can you be.

    Pay your rent online, most places take it now, and if they don't, find a better landlord.

  3. 3 letters for you:

    R B C :D

  4. TD Canada Trust staff and company are shit..Go to Scotia Bank like I did where they treat you like a person.

  5. okay seriously...

    1) TD cancels cards when they're used at a suspicious place (e.g. somewhere that they know people's numbers have been stolen in the past) to PROTECT your money.

    2) YOU lost the money order. A money order is the equivalent of cash. If you lost 819$ in cash, there would be no going back. You shouldn't have been so irresponsible with something worth so much money in the first place.

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