Monday, February 2, 2009

Never again, you Wicked Witch of Wyoming!

Location: Other, Gillette Wyoming, USA
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Gloria Peterson/ DBA Shelter West

I contracted with Shelter West to sell my Mobile Home. Gloria failed to contact me back for 2 weeks after she received a down payment/earnest money for my home. THEN, she left town in the middle of the deal and didn't bother to tell me she would be out of town and the buyers would just have to wait. The buyers backed out of the sale after signing a binding contract. The contract states if the buyer defaults on the contract, any down payment is to be split between the seller and the company. Shelter West owes me $500.00 and has refused to pay me. The buyer put a stop payment on his check because of the shabby dealings of this realtor. DO NOT USE SHELTER WEST IN GILLETTE, WY. PLEASE, DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH GLORIA PETERSON. SHE IS A LIAR, THIEF AND CON ARTIST.

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