Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad company / people skills

Location: British Columbia, North Vancouver
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Westech appraIseral

I had rented a place in chilliwack b.c and before I had moved in I steamed cleaned all the carpets cleaned all the floors painted every wall and was taken note of. The place was a mess when we viewed it ( dog poo in some rooms, bathrooms where disgusting pee on floor by toilets, floors where sticky with juice or pop smelled more like beer etc... )
And the agreement was I would help clean up the place and in return a deal was given on the first months rent. We ended up saving a dog from a bad home and no longer could we live there ( no dogs aloud ) so after unpacking and cleaning the place we packed up and moved to a place where dogs where aloud. This is when the problems began , we tried getting in touch with the owner of the unit as well as the property manager for over a month and we had nothing but rude people on his behalf telling us they will get him to call us, or they will call us back but we never received any calls back! So a month goes by and we decide we have to call him every day ten times a day just to let these people know we are serious . So after trying and trying many times to get any information on this company he owns and after being hung up on about 3 times from professional ( or so called ) people I call back once more and I get a guy who is somewhat help full but still very very rude and very bad costumer serves . Point of this story, if this is how this company treats an individual who has rented a unit off the OWNER of the company can u imagine how they will treat you if you are doing a deal with them or if you are requesting a serves from them? Moral of the story FIND ANOTHER
APPRAISAL COMPANY you will NOT be treated fairly I can guarantee that!

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