Saturday, January 7, 2012

Standing up to bad service

Location: Quebec, montreal
Industry: Finance
Annoyed By: Banker

I've belong to this bank for years and so I brought my friend with me so she could open up her account there. We had just moved into our new apartment earlier that day. We went into this mans office (the door stayed open)

Banker: ok so whats your address?

Me: 56 Tucker apt #3, Montreal, Qc

Banker: ok whats your postal code?

Me: Oh I'm sorry I we don't know it yet, we just moved.

Banker: (condescending) So you don't know your postal code?

Me: (still politely) No, we just moved, is it necessary?. Can you look it up?

Banker: (condescending) Soooo, you don't know where you live?

Me: (getting stern) We know where we live, we just don't know the postal code!

Banker: (condescending) You don't know you postal code?

Me: (at this point I stud up from the chair and was yelling) What are you stupid! How many times do I have to tell you we don't know our postal code WE JUST MOVED! (As I slammed my fist on his desk and was yelling in his face)

Banker: Get out of my office!!

Me: NO! I'll get out when I'm damn well ready to! (I sat back down and very very slowly put my papers back in my purse wile staring at him)


So the next day my mom who also goes to that same bank comes up to me and asked me what happened at the bank. I said "nothing". My mother then went on to say "well I donno what you did but when I went to the bank today all the tellers ran up to me and said " I love your daughter!" " LOL turns out the banker I dealt with was an ass to everyone there but no one has had the balls to say anything.

(Don't take crap from people! Stand up when somethings not right)

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