Thursday, August 28, 2008

Auctioneer refused to pay

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Other mv

May 2, I had an evaluator from IEGOR Auction House, in Montreal, game to pick up a painting I wanted to sell at auction. By accident, the evaluator brushed his shoulder, past two valuable Chinese snuff bottles, breaking them. He admitted it was his fault, in writing, and his company had them evaluated. I spoke to my insurance company, and I do not have, "fine arts" coverage. I received their evaluaton, $1600. and have sent them countless invoices, not a word. I have a letter, with the employee in question ADMITTING, HIS FAULT, but the owner of the Company, St. Hippolyte, refused to reimburse me is it is a Total writeoff. is known not to value their clients, when it is time to pay, but are very nice, when they want you to submit your pieces for value. Before I take them to court, let's see if someone out there can help. I cannot believe how rude they have been to me, a senior, with a fixed income.


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