Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Atlantic Trap and Gill?????

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: All the staff..

I love the Trap, it's always a good time, the food is awsome, and the people are great. I wanted to go there for my stagette, and my maid of honour phoned to make a reservation. She was told that we wouldn't need one since it was a stagette. We would also not have to wait in line because it was a stagette. So, on Saturday night at around 10:45pm we arrive and my maid of honour makes her way through the line to tell the bouncer that a stagette has arrived. He didn't care. Apparently if we had been there BEFORE 10pm we wouldn't have had to wait in line. No one told us this! Multiple men came out to have a smoke, saw us in line and tried to get us in, to no avail. We think perhaps the bouncer doesn't like the "female" gender....*wink wink*

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