Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Property Management Co. and Contractors Take the Money and Run!

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: the repair people(or lack thereof) management co.

I rent a home that is in need of some basic, but necessary repairs.There is a gaping hole in my wall about 4 feet across and 2 feet high that I put my couch in front of, storm windows not installed, a hazardous fire escape,a fence that is half destroyed, and the list goes on.And for the record, these damages were already here before my boyfriend and I moved in with our dog and cats.It is hard to find a house for rent in our price range that will accept animals.It has been two years now and no repairs have even begun! we've have contacted residential tenancies branch, the health inspector, and the fire inspector and Elite Property Management still has done nothing! they claimed to have already paid a contractor called Zone-One Mechanical and they ran away with the money, or so they say, and they're not paying anyone else to do repairs! I find it strange that they would pay the money up front.And with out an estimate at that.Also,we live in the upper part of the house,the lower area is occupied by someone else.The lower half of the house gets repairs done, because Elite claims that they hired different contractors than ours yet it is still the same house! what the hell is this!? rude repair people, incompetent management company. Don't deal with these folks! it has been a nightmare.

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