Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awful customer service from Property Expo Realty, West Palm Beach, FL

Location: Other, West Palm Beach, FL
Industry: Real Estate
Annoyed By: Letty Sanchez

Letty (Leticia) Sanchez, the director at this company, lied several times about her client, and tried to cheat on the contract, putting in numbers that were pretty ridiculous, she probably thought we would not read the contract, didn't return our calls or emails for a week, and then attempted to impersonate a mailer daemon, pretending as if she didn't receive our emails, which I have proof of. Which tells me that she thinks we are stupid. I am disgusted and appauled at their customer service, and I don't believe that they deserve their part of the commission, I have never in my life spoken to such unprofessional people.

It took about 20 calls initiated by us to actually get our money sent to us. We even called the owner of the company, Edward Beaudouin, who never returned our call.

Letty Sanchez finally sent an email, that she was out of the country, didn't let her office know about anything that was going on before she left. It was not important for her to deliver the service that she was supposed to. meanwhile she held our moneys in the escrow account that we had to fight for to get.

All in all, this company should close their business down, because they sure don't know how to run it.

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