Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wanted to buy a mini van but told to wait....

Location: Ontario, Guelph
Industry: Retail

We were shopping for a Dodge minivan three years ago and went into a dealer in Guelph...the sales lady said we could wait in the customer seating area as she was with another customer.....well after 45 minutes of waiting, we just walked out of the dealership.

My point here is that these sales people are so caught up in getting in personally sales commission themselves, that they lost the sale completely by not having another sales person assist us.

We did see a few of other sales persons just sitting at their respectives sales desk not doing anything.

I did voice my complaint out loud so all could here before we left and they were kind of taken a back by it. I guess they are not used to Canadians as a whole complaining...we're supoosed to just sit back and take it! Well not me!

We ended up going to a Dodge dealer in Waterloo were we got a super deal on the minivan (with great service) we wanted.

After three years of ownership...the van has been excellent and we are very pleased with our purchase.

So even on 'big ticket items'...this is a good example that you can sometimes not get good service!

I have a whole 'hockey sock full' more stories that I plan on posting in the future.

Kitchener, Ontario

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  1. Look forward to you "hockey sock full" of stories ! LOL