Thursday, August 28, 2008

Primus Canada's "ISP is always right" policy

Location: Ontario, Waterloo
Industry: Telecom

I had Voice-over-IP phone service with Vonage and home phone service with Bell as well as Highspeed internet service with Rogers.

I ordered a Primus Canada Home bundle that would consolidate all those services in one on April 23rd, 2008 and paid a $250 deposit. The process requires Primus to port my phone numbers from those other services to their service so I could stop paying them.

For OVER 2 months, I called repeatedly to request that Primus Canada finally make good on the transfer so I would be able to stop paying Vonage and Bell for the Home and VoIP phone services.

They NEVER ended up making good on it. They repeatedly pushed the date over. Throughout the WHOLE time, I was being BILLED for the services I NEVER received.

I was finally fed up early July and sent them an email canceling my services. ALL of them. I subsequently called and asked ALL my services be canceled and I was told them would be.

1 week after I called to cancel ALL my services, I noticed that they had JUST hooked up my home phone service. Meaning that they had FINALLY activated the service AND ported the number from Bell Canada AFTER I called to cancel all my services.

I called again today (July 29) and requested for the 4th time that ALL MY SERVICES be canceled and I was told that they would not be able to do that for a month and that I would be billed and charged a cancellation fee.

This is ridiculous. I am NOT required to pay for a service they independently activated WELL after I CANCELED my account due to repeated delays in them taking action on my account.

The Better Business Bureau is useless

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  1. "The Better Business Bureau is useless."

    I'm not surprised to read this comment!