Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snotty employees @ Future Shop

Location: Manitoba, Winnipeg
Industry: Retail

I made the mistake of walking into Future Shop to look for a digital camera. I stood at the Camera counter for about 15 minutes examining a demo model while two employees sat there talking about how much alcohol they planned to consume later that evening (theres a smart topic to discuss in front of customers). I finally asked one of them for assistance and they looked at me like I was being such a bother to them! They weren't able to answer any of my questions and then when I wanted to purchase the camera they informed me that they were out of stock. They didn't know when or even if they would be getting more in. So what good are the employees at Future Shop? They have little or no product knowledge and the professionalism of an eight year old child! After this experience I will not shop at Future Shop or Best Buy since they are owned by the same company!

1 comment:

  1. I have experienced this MANY times at Future Shops around Ottawa. They hire the WORST staff. Its disgusting the way they let their staff behave.