Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My new fridge

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Retail

I had a leaking fridge and because we are seniors on a fixed income, a few scratches didn't bother us. So we went to the Sears Liquidation Outlet on June 15. Delivery was June 17. Fridge didn't work. Technician arrived June 19 and agreed. I took photos and went back to get a replacement. Delivery scheduled for June 23. Husband rushed to ER to be shocked back to life June 21. No delivery June 23. Holiday June 24. On June 25, wrong fridge delivered. Ours was still in the store. Two amateurs brought it, parked on the wrong street, rolled it on its own wheels to the house. More damage. July 25 replacement parts arrived but I had to beg them to install because they argued the parts were cosmetic only. Bryna Gartenberg

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