Wednesday, August 27, 2008

round peg/square hole!!

Location: British Columbia, Courtenay
Industry: Retail

Bought a hottub and while they were installing they broke the skimmer cover for my pool - they quickly said that they would replace the standard cover - for months, they repeatedly said it was on order or backordered (the only thing backordered was their b.s.) - after 8 months of this, I was going to get one from any of a hundred on-line sites but instead forwarded the resources to Dalron - I even drew them pictures - finally got a call from a clerk there and she said that I should have got her involved earlier since she makes things happen and there would be someone by in the next few days with the new cover - all correspondence with these incompetents was for a square cover and they were provided with the model no. and the dimensions after taking it all down themselves - a couple of days later, a guy shows up with a round cover for a square hole - a week later, they got it right - it shouldn't be quicker to have a baby than to get a basic pool supply item from a pool supply company - no apologies - I have been told that this is the level of service you can expect from these folks in many regards (they would make comments about each other when I called to complain - "he is a little slow")

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