Friday, August 29, 2008

TTC website sucks

Location: Ontario, TO-RANT-O!!!!
Industry: Transportation
Annoyed By: TTC Lack of Information

Why can't the new TTC site be as efficient as google maps or any map site for that matter? You should be able to put in your starting address or postal code and your destination address or postal code and the public transportation website should tell you how to get there by TTC. Right now, I would have to look at stationary maps and guess which buses are in the area that I am to visit, never before actually having been there. Did you ever try to take a Lawrence bus and you've never been to Toronto before, I bet you wouldn't know where to start. How is a newcomer to Toronto to know that there isn't any buses coming from Chester station or that CastleFrank subway station is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. How is anyone to know that you can't travel south of Wellesley on Parliament street after 10pm on a WEEKDAY. One would get to CastleFrank station and discover that they are f*****! TTC are you listening? Please improve your site!

1 comment:

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