Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last time I ever shop here

Location: Alberta, St. Albert
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: The Source by Circuit City (Radio Shack)

Never, Never, Never buy anything from this store unless you are absolutely positive you will not return it (which, really, who ever is?).
I recently went through a flood in my basement, and needed to set up my home office upstairs in my dining room (stressful enough). I went to The Source in St. Albert, Alberta, and bought what I thought I needed for cables to hook up my computer. Turns out I was wrong (Hey, I'm only human) and went to return it two days later. Wow, they accused me of lending it out to all my friends to use first before I returned it! They made me feel so guilty for wanting to return it, and all in front of other customers! I stood in front of them in silence, waiting for their answer, and they finally said in a disgusted voice that they would give me back my money. Mind you, that was after I had to tell them the whole story about my flood and why I needed it in the first place and everything else.
My sister has an even more unbelievable story about the Source store in Penticton, BC that happened a few years ago, so I should have known better than to go there in the first place. NEVER AGAIN!!!


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