Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red Star on Jasper Ave

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: Blonde waitress

My fiancee, 2 friends and I walked into Red Star and it was very quiet, only about 10-12 people. We waited about 15 minutes when she finally came over. We ordered 3 Stella's and a Guiness. She returned with 4 Stella's. Neil didn't say anything and drank his beer. About 40 minutes later, I went UP to the bar and asked her if we could order more drinks.....She came over, took our order (3 Stella's and 1 Guiness) and returned yet AGAIN with 4 Stella's. Once again Neil didn't say anything, just drank his beer. Easier to keep quiet about things right?? 20 or so minutes later I had to go UP to the bar and ask for our bill. It was paid by credit card. We exited Red Star with Neil behind when the waitress stopped him and asked "Was there something wrong with service? You didn't tip" Neil say's "Um, yes, you didn't get our drink order right and despite there being very FEW people in the place, you ignored us almost entirely" She then retorts with "Well, im the only person working right now" Neil just wanting to be out of there, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Toonie and leaves. We have been to the Red Star a few times and EVREY SINGLE TIME have had really bad service. We refuse to go back despite it's excellent Jerk Chicken.

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