Friday, September 12, 2008

Future Shop Keeps on Sucking!

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: FUTURE SHOP (as always)

Will they ever change??

You need a little help and want to ask an employee. None in site. You make eye contact with one who immediatly looks away. You move, hunt for them, find their huddle. Maybe 7-8 of them standing around joking loudly, blind to the customers around. You try to 'interrupt' their good fun to ask a question. You are ignored until you actually poke one of them.... BUT it was useless because they didnt even know the answer.

You ask another employee who tells you "ya thats on sale". I point out that the tag says full price. He repeats annoyed "it's on sale!". Of course I find out at the cash, after a long wait, that its full price.

I ask another employee why one model of a USB memory key is so cheap compared to another model and he says they "just have a great deal and that he has that cheap model and it's super fast." Im forced to research their own product on the web, in their store, and find out that the cheap model is 5 times slower. Makes a big difference when you are copying large files (what a USB key is often used for).

And the girls at the cash, yapping away like it's girls night out. At least stop a sec when you are serving a customer instead of forgeting to take the card receipt I just signed. And when it's poring rain outside, dont ask me if I want a bag, genius.


  1. Typical experience at a Future Shop! That sums up the Future Shops in Ottawa!

  2. Typical experience at a Future Shop! That sums up the Future Shops in Ottawa!

  3. Typical experience at a Future Shop! That sums up the Future Shops in Ottawa!

  4. This also sums up the Future Shop experience in Manitoba. How is this company still around?

  5. I don't know. They are all horrible!

  6. They are still around because people still buy from them. Stop buying from them, that's the only say you have as a consumer.

  7. You summed up every experience I have ever had at Future Shop! They are all the same - TERRIBLE!

  8. i love future shop - only places easier to return are wlamart and costco. you sound like a crotchety old man. retail labor is iffy sometimes - just mellow.

  9. a lot of future shop employees get crap said about them because they get commission, that they're too pushy and always in the way - they decide to be mellow in this store and people still complain - people can find ways to complain about everything. For 9 bucks an hour customers really expect too much. Future Shop employees are people too they can't keep a smile on for all 8 hours of their shift and sometimes customers just have unrealistic expectations that almost makes you wonder why employees put up with that kind of stuff