Friday, September 12, 2008

"I don't know how to change your tires." Said CAA roadside assistant.

Location: Ontario, Mississauga
Industry: Automotive mv
Annoyed By: The roadside assistant dude, CAA telephone operators, CAA

Three of us. One flat tire. Stranded. 3:30am. A bit drunk. Chilly.

Thought I was super lucky since I am a CAA member, I, of course, immediately called CAA! The operator promised he will send someone over right away! Thank god! CAA, you are the best. And so I thought.

4:00am. Getting sober. Freezing.

4:30am. Sober-er. Frozen.

(Called again numerous times. Excuses include he is on his way. He is lost. He is at another plaza. Are you sure it's the right address? He is there already, can't you see him?)

5:00am. Mr.Roadside arrives. And so the horror begins. "Where is your spare tire?" the trunk! "I can't change this. I have never seen this model. What model is this? If you don't know the tire model I can't change it."'s a regular Chrysler van and the spare tire is sitting there..."NOPE! I won't change it! Do you have your CAA membership card?" em...i have the number and the operator said it was ok. "NOPE! If you don't have your card with you then I can't change it!"

5:30am. Mr.Roadside continues to argue and refuse to budge. We call CAA operators. They connect to the guy. Mr.Roadside softens after their conversation and decides he will change the tire. The problem is....he really doesn't know how to change the damn tire.

6:00am. With the webmaster's help (yes he was one of the stranded three), who calmly explained how to change tires to Mr.Roadside. The tire is changed!

CAA. I officially HATE you.


  1. What were you doing driving if you were drunk? Are you an idoit?

  2. Perhaps he/she was a passenger.
    And was it CAA's webmaster in your car?

  3. The driver wasn't drunk ...

  4. CAA Probably did change the tire. He was too drunk to remember.