Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rock_and_Roll_Ruby,s Rip off Report

Location: Other, Hartsell. Al
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Proud Shopper (Proud Rebel)

I put a small order into Proud Shopper for some Rebel Flag Gear (A licence Plate and some stickers $12 in all) so nothiing too taxing! I waited a month, as they said delivery was 2-3 weeks) and then e mailed them. I was THEN told I should have paid an extra $6 for an international shipping envelope. When I asked why they had accepted my order and not asked for this money then, their sarcastic reply was "because I missed the explicit instructions before and during checkout". I must admit it wasnt very clear exactly what I had to pay for shipping and I have now been waiting 6 weeks for my order. I have sent quite a few e mails to them to which they replied "8 messages you have must be joking"???? I am still waiting for a refund as I have now cancelled the order and am waiting for a reply - some hope! Proud Shopper? Never again.

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