Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lying Unethical Sales Associate at Future Shop

Location: Ontario, Markham
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Jay md

My boyfriend bought the MacBook Air for me as a x'mas gift and he had actually been around a couple of Future Shops and found the last one in stock (or so they say to be the last one). The sales guy, Jay was nice to show him the Mac Air and explained to him why the box had been opened. My boyfriend asked Jay several times whether he was sure that the computer was brand-new which Jay promised it was. Later when I received it and I realized after five minutes that there was a battery failure. The first place I went to was Apple Store and the people there told me that it is a failure in battery and that they would replace it for free, however when the Apple staff heard that I got it as a x'mas gift she thought it was very weird because once she typed in the serial number she saw that the product was already purchased back in APRIL, and to top it off, it was sold from a BEST BUY shop and that the person had probably returned it to a Future Shop or something! I got so upset that I just wanted to rush back to the same Future Shop store and speak to the manager, however since they are on boxing week sales they they are not accepting any returns so right now I am still waiting!

I can't believe they are so unethical!


  1. I believe Best Buy and Future shop are the same store so they can ship products back and forth, that would explain why it was originally purchased from a Best Buy and then sold to you from a Future Shop.

  2. doesn't matter, the point is the lied about it.

  3. that is deception, and it's dead spouse and i will never shop at best buy or future shop ever again.

  4. let me give u guys another update.
    my bf went to return the product last night and the same sales associate, Jay came, and heard about what we found out, his response was, "THat's bullshit!". I assume he was claiming that Apple Store made a mistake, but how inappropriate was that! And I would rather trust Apple Store's record than Future Shop's words that's just coming out of a sales behaving like that.

  5. let us know how this works out!!

  6. A few years ago, I received an iPod for Christmas that was purchased at Future Shop and later found out (it stopped working after a week) that it was used. I haven't shopped there since.