Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blame it on God!?

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Transport
Annoyed By: American Airline reticketing-counter rep.

My friend, K was supposed to leave Toronto yesterday morning and head to JFK (New York), and then later on catch a flight to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the weather condition became very bad and her flight got canceled so then she tried to get help at the AA reticketing counter.

To make a long story short, my friend went from one counter to another and then this lady who was already K's sixth attempt was not much hope either. While K begged for her help, she refused because she said there isn't anything she could do, especially when her ticket was rather "complicated" (as she was traveling with a "around-the-world-ticket). Eventually the poor girl started to get tears (she has already been at the airport for 4-5hours at that time), and instead of being sympathetic, the sales rep says (with an attitude of course), "don't cry, it's not the end of the world, we should thank god that we are all alive!!". K was obviously very shocked and upset when she heard that and she told them that it's their responsibility to help her solve the problem and she is relying on them to do so, however her response was, " don't blame me for the weather condition, blame it on god, it's in his hands, and if you don't stop crying I'll CALL THE SECURITY, then you won't be going anywhere!" Can anyone believe this?! K was actually being threaten here!

At the end the only thing they could do was to book her on a flight three days later and there was no guarantee that she was going to get on a flight from JFK to HK. But that was the only thing they were willing to do. On top of that, K saw that these other passengers behind her got rescheduled for a flight earlier than hers! When K calmed down she spoke with that rep again and told her that her attitude was very inappropriate and she should not have treated a customer or a person like that in general, and the rep's reaction was, "Yeah, this IS my attitude, either you like or not".. what kind of customer service is that?! The story is still way longer, but I believe all of you are able to feel the frustration. We depend on the airlines to help us when unexpected incidents occur, but instead K was being penalized when they are not handling their customers accordingly!

If you don't like your job, then just sit at home and rot, why have this grudge against people who are actually victims?

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