Sunday, December 21, 2008

When good sites likes this are used for wrong reason

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Telecom
Annoyed By: Dec 20 telephone repair complainer

Its one thing to get lousy service and God knows we have all had losers and people that took there bad day out on unsuspecting customers.

We complain and we have every right to.
But when someone goes after a service man by last name.. wow that is just vengeance and rude.

Which tells me it is easy to file a BS complaint about an Ex-boyfriend or about someone that refused to put in Free cable line, etc.... and get away with ruining there reputation.

So complain about Telus service (I sure do) and about "Jack at 12pm on Dec 20" but using last names? LOL you are out for blood and it will come back to you two-fold when someone is pissed off at you someday.

BTW how can I tell this is a personal dig? Telus does not give out last names of workers.

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