Friday, August 29, 2008

Cell phone nightmare

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Rogers - Capilano Mall

My son bought a phone 3 months ago and the next day, the screen was broken. Of course, it was his fault... We called Rogers and told us they would replace the phone no problem. So, we bring it back and the story is completely different. They will fix it if we pay for it. So we do, $80. 3 months later, he still doesn't have his phone. The store is lying to us about the whereabout of this phone. And, they are supposed to let him use a "lender" phone but do you think they actually have one in stock for him to use? Of course not. My son is only 16 and he paid for that phone with his own money. I can't believe the bad service we are getting from Rogers. Unfortunately, I am stucked in a contract but next time, FORGET ROGERS!!!

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