Friday, August 29, 2008

Purolator is terrible

Location: Alberta, Edmonton
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Purolator courier

For the second time in two months I have purchased an item from Ontario. The shipper uses Purolater. Not only does it sit in the Edmonton warehouse for three days, I have to drive for an hour to get it because they can't seem to get it on a truck.
The second incident just happened. This small package doesn't get an attempt at my address, just a phone call from the local business that they use as a depot. Their hours make it impossible for me to pick up the package without taking time from work. Trying to redirect the package doesn't work. Two days pass, no package. Phone and get an explanation that the person on the other end of the phone didn't fill out the paperwork correctly. Like I was going to catch that over the phone! I can't understand why a package can be within 50 km and it takes a week and I have to make a number of phone calls to retrieve it. Purolater is pretty much useless as a carrier. Nothing but frustration. An e-mail to them gets a reply to promising to look into the matter. No word after over a month later. If you have the time use them, if you don't try hard to find someone else.


  1. My address has four of the same number in the suite part of my address. (eg. Suite xxxx, ABCD Y Street)and one place will only but three numbers (xxx) and Purolater never delivers it. It will always go back to sender saying no such address.

    You think they would have enough common sence just to see one of the same number was missing. We get alot of packages from Purolater you would think the driver would have our place memorized (it's usually the same driver to).

  2. Are job is tuff enough with out you people making it harder i work for Purolator nothing wrong with the comapny

  3. ALL couriers only understand business and not residential.

    If they had brains they'd send me a notice to come and pick it up from a convenient local outlet with work friendly hours the way USPS/CP does.

    So simple yet years pass and they just can't figure out I have a job and am not home. Management are "never learns"