Saturday, August 9, 2008

Telus long distance

Location: British Columbia, Kamloops
Industry: Telecom
Company: Telus
I decided to cancel my long distance with Telus and move it to Primus because it would save me this big amount of money. Instead of paying $0.18 a minute to call my sister it would only be $0.11 and I could call whenever I wanted instead of having to wait till after 6pm.

So I had service with Primus for about a month and got one bill. Then I get the typical call from Telus about why did you leave blah blah blah we'll give you this if you come back. So I said no thanks I like what I have I'm not switching back.

Next thing I know I don't get another Primus bill, I get instead a nice thick Telus bill because when I had said no thank you to Telus the ass just switched me back anyway!

So I had kept calling like I was with Primus when unknown to me I had been switched back after saying no. So to get to the bottom of this I Telus and ask them what the hell is going on and they told me it was probably because I hadn't paid my bill on time and that thos "other" phone companies like to do that. So I call Primus to ask them why they would do that when I paid my bill right away and was told that the note on the account said Telus had contacted them and advised them I had decided to go back to them and to cancel my account.

Mad? That does not even describ where I was at that point. I told the Primus operator that that was very wrong and I had never said that I had actually told them I wanted to stay with Primus. So they turned my long distance back on with them, and off to the wonderful land of Telus I went.

I called Telus and raised hell there about what the hell did they think they were doing when someone says no thank you it means NO! I DON'T WANT YOUR CRAP! I want my account credited I'm not paying my phone bill you can kiss my ass! So off to a supervisor I went and he credited my account in total of get this $324.40 for what I would have saved with Primus! He tells me to take that off my bill and just pay the remainder. So I did.

If only it ended there. Next I get a disconnection notice in the mail for the amount that they owe me! I call their wonderful customer service yet again and tell them that I am credited that amound of money and why are they cutting my phone off. The girl on the phone tells me that I have to pay the full amount on the account and they will just credit it back to me on the next bill. My next question then was WTF is a credit then? You owe me over $300 but you want me to pay it to you so you can pay it back to me? Does this make sense to you? Back to a supervisor I got (starting to love Telus oh yes!). I tell the supervisor what is going on and that if they cut off my phone I'll sue them lol why not sue? ha ha ha Pain and suffering ya know wink wink Finally though with this last call things all worked out, but never an appology like oh sorry we screwed up, nope just what ever we took up that much of your life to make you deal with our crap.

Gotta love that Telus!

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  1. Makes you want to say
    "take your stupid colorful fish commericals and p1ss off!"