Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Retail

This is a HEADS UP for all honest hard working consumers. Depanneurs normally charge us twice the price for most items that we could buy at a supermarket. I don't have a problem with that but I have run across a depanneur who routinely tries to short-change his customers!! He totally over-charges for almost every item and then has the nerve to try and give you the wrong change!! I am a tolerant person and I have nothing against immigrants, but these immigrants who own the Depanneur 7 Jours at 5814 Decarie make my blood boil!! We let you into our country and then you try to rip off native born Canadians and then you complain when you encounter racism. FYI Stay away from this Depanneur! There is another just one block away. It is also owned by immigrants but at least they are honest. Do yourself a favor and don't let them pick your pockets!! Cheers

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  1. Hey bro! Same thing happened to my wife, but she thought it was an honest mistake. Now, we know the truth!! We did suspect something was wrong!! Also, the service SUCKS at this depanneur. You have to wait 10 minutes in line while idiots buy their lotto tickets!! FYI will never win the lotto!!! STOP spending your hard-earned welfare dollars on pipe-dreams!!! TRY feeding your kids for a change!!