Wednesday, August 27, 2008

*** @titude

Location: Other, Johannesburg
Industry: Other

We went 4 a site meeting as we're planning a dinner after our wedding had already taken place. We were quoted at R5k venue hire & R270/person for the meal. This was 4 +-40 flowers were 2 b discussed later. During discussions the staff members attitude wasn't accommodating as we felt it should have been. We wait 4 quote, no quote comes I call back asking 4 the quote. I get told I'm supposed 2 have sent the info 4 the quote thru um.. what was the meeting 4? Quote comes, venue hire R10k y because they heard wedding. We send an email asking questions to clarify quote, return email seems arrogant and irritated. I return email stating such. I receive a call 2 apologise and quote is corrected. Owner calls 2 discuss flowers with fiancé. Her ***@titude is dismissive, I ask for a call 2 explain same Owner calls & displays same dismissive arrogant we don't want you ***@titude, I put the phone down. Points 2 remember cant do ur own flowers std quote = R15k Normal venue hire R5k Wedding = R10k oh & entire hotel must be booked out! u pay 10% gratuity on accomadation! Non resident guests aren't permitted 2 visit guests?Beware u will get ***@titude if the request ***@ the venue isn't in their ops manual!

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