Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Imperial Parking

Location: Saskatchewan, Regina
Industry: Transport
Annoyed By: The Receptionist
On August 5 I parked my car in my stall of a lot that I had been renting in for 9 years. The price had just been raised, starting August 1. As I was parking, a man came up to me and said that I couldn't park there, that they were upgrading the lot. I asked 'so where should I park' and he said to park in the next lot ($25 less than the lot I park in)
I parked there, and I called Impark and asked about the construction, and why no body had let us know in advance, and they said that they didn't know, they didn't own the lot and the owners had started the construction without letting them know. Impark did not know how long it would take, or why some renters were notified of the construction and some were not. I asked for a reduction in the parking fee, since I was parking in a cheaper lot, and they said to get a reduction I would have to give up my stall, and park in another lot..????? duh. So far, it is the 25 of August and they are still not done, and I just got my invoice in the mail for next month's parking, at the full rate. I must say that where I park, in Regina, there are not other lots that are not owned/operated by Impark. They have all their parkers over a barrell, and they know it and don't give a hoot about how inconvienient or how much a person has to pay to park downtown. Makes me really mad!!! And I am only one of 50 people who are mad and park in that lot, not to mention the people we displace by parking in the next lot... who are ticketed for parking in the next lot to them!!

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