Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We will close your account with us cause we do not want to be a backup vendor.

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Michael (Owner of Aerial Equipement Parts)

On September 10 2012 i sent an email to Aerial Equipement Parts asking them if we can open a credit a credit account with them, until now we have had an account but payable by credit card only. Here is their response:

You do not have an open account. You can order online with a visa, mastercard, or discover.



So we asked if we can open a credit account, which he then told us the following:



I am sorry but placing 1-2 orders per year does not qualify for open terms. Where are you currently purchasing all of your parts?


Our answer to this email was as follows:


Hi, i am saddened to hear that we do not qualify to purchase from your company and receive an invoice for what we purchase, happily we are currently purchasing all of our parts (approximately $500,000.00 from JLG, Skyjack and Genie combined) from companies that offer good companies like ours open credit after a credit verification and/or several purchases. Since purchasing by credit card is not always freezable, not many companies enjoy using a credit card for purchasing parts for resale. Thank you, but we will take our business elsewhere since you are not the only aerial parts supplier available.


Michael from Aerial Equipment Parts the sent me an email stating that he would close out our account, I called him back and told him that we do not wish that he close our account, i ask that he keep that account open since we may need to purchase parts from time to time. The next thing he told me shocked me. He actually told me that he did not want our business, he said " We do not want to be a BACKUP VENDOR" so he was closing our account. Imagine being told by an owner of a company, "buy all your parts from me or nothing at all" Unbelievable, it's like walking in Walmart and being told "sorry we do not want your business since you also shop at Target.

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