Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LazyBoy Furniture Gallery Richmond BC

Location: British Columbia, Richmond
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: All of them !

This is the shoddiest run store I have ever encountered
I bought a sofa bed on May 20th and told it would take 8 weeks to arrive !!! I agreed to this thinking that was nuts. So here we are on Sept 4th and it has just arrived along with a coffee table I bought which looks Horrible it full of holes !!!!! so of course as usual I phoned them to no avail the stupid woman who helped me of course is not in (never is) leave a message they say ya right she has only answered me once and I have phoned on several occasions. the 8 weeks turned into 3 months and no one spoke me I have gone into the store and they are all sitting on their computers and they sorta glance up and decide I guess if you can afford thier overpriced crap sooooo guess what no one approaced me gee go figure this is the worst Customer service I have ever seen in my life once they got my 3 thousand of course you hear nothing I would not ever recommend this store if your life depended on it !!!!!! and it's still not over !!!! grrrrrr yes I am angry and annoyed Don't ever go here !

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