Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fridgidaire "free" dryer rack

Location: Other, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Industry: Manufacturing
Annoyed By: The company/customer service

I bought a pair of Fridgidaire front load washer/dryer from Best Buy USA. The literature included in the washer/dryer instructions advertised a "free" dryer rack for $5.95 to be sent to you in 3 weeks. I mailed the check the same day I bought the appliances July 21, 2008. Today is Dec 11, 2008 and I still have not received the "free" dryer rack after multiple calls and e-mails to their customer service.

Here is the litany of e-mails back and forth:

Thank you for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances. We apologize for the delay in response, but we are not able to track the dryer rack orders. To do this, you would need to contact 1-800-599-7569. Thank you.

Sent: Monday, December 8, 2008 10:31:02 AM
Subject: Re: Re:Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay

I contacted the 877-435-3287 number on the same day I sent you the e-mail and I was assured that someone would get back to me with the status of the issue. I still have not heard from anyone and I have not received the
"free" dryer rack. What kind of customer service does your company run? I have spoken to the following individuals and none have been able to provide any
> assistance: Nelson Employee #G02944, Jerry Employee #ES0163, Amy, Employee #77062. They all have stated that they will call me back and not such thing has ever occurred. Again, if you are not going to send the rack then I need a refund of the money that I sent for this "free" rack.

Robert W.
From: <>
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 5:30 PM
Subject: Re:Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay

Thank you for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances.We do apologize about the experience you are having with your dryer rack.Please call us
877-435-3287 so that we can assist with sending the rack to you.
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 2:23:06 PM
Subject: Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay
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First name: Robert
Message Title: Free Dryer Rack Rebate 4 month delay
I bought a set of front load washers and dryer from Electrolux through Best Buy on July 21, 2008. I sent in a Check to cover the shipping of the "free" drying rack. The Tracking number is 290829690 and it was received at the rebate center on 08/02/2008. Today is November 24, 2008 and I still have not received the "free" dryer rack. I have called the rebate center
multiple times times starting in September, 2008. First, I was told that it was shipped and no tracking number was supplied when I asked for it. I then called again and I was told they would re-ship it and I should get it in 15 days, that was over 30 days ago. I called today and I was told that it was never shipped to any customers because there were none to ship. What is the truth? If the "free" dryer rack is not going to be shipped I need a
refund of the money sent in, otherwise, I need the dryer rack shipped RIGHT NOW! I am extremely dissatisfied with the service your Rebate center provides and their lack of follow up and tending to customer satisfaction.

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  1. You wasted all that time to fight for 5$?