Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exploded I-Pod

Location: Ontario, Scarborough
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Future Shop

I recieved an I-Pod Video as a gift and decided to purchase the extended warranty since I didn't want to end up with an expensive paperweight once the manufacturers warranty ran out.

It broke twice, had it repaired twice (both times for the same problem: pegs weren't aligned so the I-pod couldn't charge), took forever to get it back both times, but that was it. When I got it back after having the I-pod repaired for the THIRD time (it kept freezing) I noticed a strange marking on the inside of my screen (it looked like a faint oil slick) but I didn't think much of it. When I turned on my I-Pod I noticed that it was full of music and an entire television series (which contained some VERY inappropriate material) which made me a bit skeptical of where they had it sent out to be repaired.

The final time it broke (just days after I got it back) I had the I-pod inside a case, in the pocket of my empty backpack (protected, secured, safe) as I went out. I came back and put it on my bookshelf. When I went to charge it I noticed that it had burst. The front faceplate had burst outwards and obviously the screen had broken. I took it to Future Shop and they refused to fix it saying that there was external damage to the device and that I must have dropped it. I insisted that the external damage was caused by something inside of it exploding outwards (since I had taken such precautions to protect it), but the representative refused to even look at it after seeing the broken screen.

So despite paying $100 for the warranty, and after it breaking 4 times, I'm stuck with a very expensive paperweight.

The worst part: The oil slick spot that I noticed when I picked it up after being repaired for the 3rd time, is right where the screen ended up breaking.

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  1. Lesson: Don't buy Apple products outside of the Apple Store. I'm serious about this one. Even though at times their products need a fix or two, Apple stores tends to give excellent customer service. I'd say, out of the plenty of times I've been to Apple (to replace/buy something) Less than 5% of the time is considered not so good service.