Monday, December 15, 2008


Location: Ontario, Richmond Hill
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Crappy dude working in retail

I walk in the store with one thing in mind. A tablet for my trip to Japan, I was planning to use it for writing some Japanese characters so i can practice my writing.

I am lucky that I am a tech kinda guy , having built my computer from scratch a few years earlier. I did some research online and I figured I wanted a certain HP model and not its predecessor. I walked over to the laptop + computer section , waited around 5 minutes for someone to help and no one came. I thought this was usual with staples being in such a big building and all so I walk over to the counter and I ask someone to come over to help me, he says he will be over right away. I walk back to the laptop section and around 10 minutes later , a lanky guy with extremely bad breath (it was around 2 so I guess he had lunch) came over. I asked for the laptop that I wanted. He told me about another laptop and I said no, I want the laptop I came to buy. After 1 WHOLE hour (i arrived at 2 and left at 3:20) of arguing about why I didnt want the laptop he was offering me (he kept asking "Why dont you want it" and "Whats wrong with it") I told him I was going to walk out unless you sell it to me. He agreed and he checked the back, he had one that was opened (there were 3 footprints on the box). I said I cant accept this and he again asks why, why why why why why. I tell him "thank you very much" and walk out the store, seeing as how I dont need to provide an explanation on this used computer.

In the end, I went back the next day, another employee came and spent around 30 minutes discussing the undesired laptop and finally admitting to no stock and that I should check the Markham Staples.

Waste of my life.

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