Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Geraldos at La Salle Could Really Care Less

Location: Ontario, Burlington
Industry: Other
Annoyed By: Geraldos at La Salle

Great Venue...but they know it...and they don't really care if they screw you around.
My main beef (besides making you pay in full before the reception and dictating how your reception will go on the day of) was that we rented linens from another company (Geraldos doesn't have much selection).

The next day we came to pick them up only to find ourselves rushed to the kitchen, given two garbage bags full of stuff and told that they're busy with another business conference.
Later, we'd find out that Geraldos didn't include 13 of our 16 linens. I had to phone them a few times before anyone would actually give a crap and was then told that its really not their problem and they really don't care if I'm unhappy with how they've treated us post wedding.
Long story short - it was a beautiful wedding - but watch your money and your rentals because they won't.

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