Thursday, December 4, 2008

Visit the world through the service department

Location: Quebec, Montreal
Industry: Media
Annoyed By: Readers Digest

Not once, not twice, but three times they sent moher books she hadn't asked for. She pawned off the first set as a gift, but told them to stop after the second set arrived. No go. She just got a third. So I tried calling to make them see the light. Hah! No direct line listed on their awful site. There is a 800 number, but it got me someone ... in Mexico?! To deal with a problem with a company in Montreal? So I hunted and looked around for a direct line and finally scrounged one up to the head office in Montreal, Canada. And, somewhere along their useless phone system, managed to get transferred to Manilla. Yes, Imelda, the shoes, that 'Manilla'.

I'll be trying again, if only for the pleasure of informing them their lousy service has just cost them TWO subscribers, instead of just one.

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