Saturday, July 11, 2009

Horrific Customer Service Experience - Does Adobe Care

Location: Other, Falls Church, VA
Industry: Technology
Annoyed By: Adobe

I have been a loyal Adobe customer for 10 years. In good faith, I attempted to upgrade from CS3 to CS4. I checked my upgrade eligibility, and everything looked good. Then, when I tried to install CS4, it didn't recognize my CS3 serial #. Why? Apparently because it was from Windows, and I was switching to Mac. Not that the Adobe website bothered to provide any clear warnings that switching from one OS to another required jumping through additional hoops at Adobe.

Anyway, I called Customer Service and got a CSR in India with a difficult accent and a bad script. In the course of the conversation, I learned that I could not upgrade - oh wait, that I COULD upgrade, if I just called sales on Monday. The CSR couldn't give me the price for upgrading to a new OS - but when pressed, she assured me that it wouldn't cost anything extra than what I had just paid. And of course, if I wanted a refund for the product I just purchased - thanks to Adobe's failure to provide clear instructions on its website - then I'd have to fill out some sort of letter, the name of which I couldn't understand because the accent of the CSR was incomprehensible.

When I asked the CSR if she could just email me instructions, she said no. Then she said yes. Then she said some other office would email me instructions (which I still have not received). And to be sure to call sales.

God help me if sales is offshored to some equally incomprehensible accent.

I have already wasted a good amount of time and energy on this. And the truth is: I have absolutely no sense that Adobe even cares. They're big. We're small. They can do whatever they want. They can walk all over good loyal customers because they have good products. They don't have to care about word of mouth. They don't have to care about us.

All I want is my upgrade. I did not want this drama or this frustration or having to run around getting a refund... and all while I'm recuperating from an injury that limits my mobility.

What Adobe should do:

1) Provide CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS ON THE ADOBE WEBSITE regarding upgrades. If someone clicks on a Mac upgrade, don't just say they're eligible if they have CS3. Say that they're eligible if they have CS3 on a Mac. And tell them clearly that if they want to switch OS, please contact sales. I mean, is it REALLY THAT HARD to make the system usable?

2) Adobe makes enough money to bring its contact center back into the US. Stop trying to cut corners with bad, incomprehensible, offshored service.

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