Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bella lina cruz salon has a nasty owner!

Location: Other, Winter garden, Florida
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: owner! Jose Cruz

Well, u'd think an owner would be friendly?? This one actually abuses his power, he's very nasty, rude and is always angry! He made me wait and acts like he never wants to do my hair! He's racist!


  1. Does anyone else find these entries annoying. Where they just spout that they are angry, but don't actually say what the business did?
    As far as i can tell, this person is upset they were made to wait. is that really all?
    Why would you play the race card?
    at least explain how he was racist. To just tack it on the end makes it seem like you just throw that term around, whenever you dont get your way.

  2. i have been going to bella lina cruz since they were opened and have never had a bad experience and always get a warm welcome from EVERYBODY including the owner! maybe it is you that have the problem and are the racist!that is a strong comment to make without reasoning

  3. I was a new client to the salon. Jose did my hair. I was Googleing the Salon and came across this angry person. I had a most relaxing day at Bella Lina Cruz Salon. It so happens that Mr. Cruz did my hair. He is a gentelman. He did not appear to me to be an angry man at all. You could of been having a bad day and were upset that maybe you had to wait. The salon is beautiful! The staff was very pleasant from beginning to end. He did not at all seem to "Abuse his Power". He seemed to get along very well with the other stylists. I was in the salon for 3 hours or more I received several services that day. I think you are the angry party here!!!! besides the FACT that he did an awesome job on my hair, he made every effort to make my experience at the salon a memorable one! Racist "No.... Not So Much"...That was a bit out of line!!!! Don't ya think? maybe you should look in the mirror!!!!!

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