Saturday, April 18, 2009

Horrible Customer Relations

Location: Other, Douglassville
Industry: Insurance
Annoyed By: FastPro Restoration

In January the home ajoined to ours caught fire. As a result we had some smoke damage. FastPro was hired to clean our furnishings and pocessions. When our pocessions were returned we found the negligence regarding the manner our items were handled was less than exceptable.
Refridgerator was dented and scrathed with broken shelf and bent hinges, a deepfryer returned in numerous pieces, an entertainment center laying smashed flat on the ground, a NEW king size mattress torn, king size bed broken and black along the edges, vaccuum cleaner used to vaccuum their warehouse destroyed, fine china missing and/or broke along with many other incidents.
FastPro also made suggestions for us to put the blame to other companies or fireman. Our insurance adjuster has also witnessed the so called before and aftermath and agreed that it was negligence on FastPros part. The insurance also stated they would no longer use or recommend FastPros services in the Pottstown/ Collegeville areas.
FastPro refused to come and examine any of the claim mentioned along with complete denial.

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