Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Town ignorence

Location: Alberta, Barrhead
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Owner's rudeness

Hangerz was the store's name; a small, single store, that carried some very stylish clothes. I loved the store, and had bought a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise. The day I am complaining about, was like all previous visits...without incident. I tried on a pair of pants with two overlapping buttons, one was dangling by a thread. I decided on that pair for the size, went to the cash. i saw then, that the button was now missing. I retraced my steps, but didn't find the button. I went to the counter, and asked if there was a small discount, perhaps 10% for the 'incomplete item. a very young woman standing behind the salesclerk, riffled through a drawer, found a button, and slapped it down on the counter, and said, "There, a free button!" I was obviously perplexed by this, and she could tell. Then she added, "I'm sick of people trying to rip me off." I was insulted, and it went from there

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