Monday, April 13, 2009


Location: Ontario, richmond hill
Industry: Restaurant
Annoyed By: waitress

Recently I took my daughter to the new eggsmart location at Elgin mills/Bayiew.We had to wait So long to be seated,also there WAS an empty table in the corner(when I asked this waitress about it,she said she had "forgotten"about that one).

We sat down,and I realized that there was a very powerful breeze coming through a door length 1 inch wide space between the door,and the frame.I asked the waitress if we could move seats,we changed ,and there was no issue.However,the fact that we ordered the simplest meal,two orders of scrambled eggs ONLY,and toast...thats it.It took us 45 minutes and..I had had one coffee,and two refills...We finally got our order,they screwed up the order,gave us scrambled eggs with homefries,and instead of my daughters eggs(the smaller order)having cheese,the larger order had cheese on it).I sent back the homefries,and just dealt with the white toast instead of brown.

When I got the bill,I finally had enough,I was waiting to pay,and was being ignored.I then asked the waitress why the meal had taken SO long,to which she replied"It's Busy!!)I then told her that waiting almost one hour for two orders of scrambled eggs and two orders of toast was rediculous,she very rudly explained to me that the kitchen will not give orders out of turn,even though we had ordered something relatively simple,that would have taken simply 3 or 4 minutes.I have worked in kitchens before,and i know that one needs to multitask to get the orders out,If asimple order that is quick comes in,get it out.

I have been to ALLENCOURT restaurant many times,and had extremly fast ,happy friendly service EVERY time,it is ALWAYS busy there,and I get my food in a timley fashion every time.
Anyway I told the lady that the service was terrible,and that It should't ever have taken that long for that order,she was very rude,and started arguing with me quite loudly,with no appoligy at all.

I told her just let me pay so i can leave,and I told her that we would never come back.As I left I could see the waitress talking about us with all the employees,and kitchen staff,and other restaurant patrons looking at us through the window.
Little did they know that others around me were nodding their heads in agreement while I was complaining about the service,and the man infront of me said "Yeah,really"

There are LOTS of resaurants around that serve beakfast hot,and FAST,don't waist your time there...


  1. couldn't agree more.
    Even ignoring the long waits, they screwed up my order on the two instances i made the mistake of eating there. One time it was a take-out order of french toast and bacon, only to get to work, and realize they didnt include the bacon, but sure charged me for it.
    Egg Smart at Hwy 7 and East Beaver Creek is much better

  2. People don't you havebetter things to do on your life than sitting on internet and talking about your misery. I say get a life or atleast get a hobby!

  3. Hey Anonymous. Maybe you like being overcharged and being crapped on, but I like being able to see where i wont be going!