Monday, May 10, 2010

Bye bye Shoppers Drug Mart

Location: Saskatchewan, Regina
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Shoppers Drug Mart

How many people knowing that shoppers return policy really sucks?

They wouldn't exchange or return the electronic product. And the custom service is really bad. I bought an Acer Aspire Netbook, since its hard driver makes noise. I wanna exchange or return it. The store manager said she bought a same type netbook for her son, it works just fine. I let her test it by herself. She turn on the netbook, it is slow, it makes noise. said "what do you expect a netbook to do? And you have food on your computer, it doesn't seems like it just have been use several times, you can not return it if it isn't resalable". First of all, you don't suppose to sale it again, if it has some problem. second, I am so sure about that it wouldn't have food on my netbook, I only use it when I was in bed, and I bought a sleeve for this netbook, I always took good care of my staff not just that netbook. So I asked her to ask some neutral person's opinion whether it is in good shape or not.

She said it doesn't matter what other people think, she thought it isn't resalable. She told me she bought a DS for her son at Walmart, she just walked out the store and her son did't like the color, she tried to change it, Walmart didn't let her to do that since she walked out the store. Come on, do you believe so? Actually, I called walmart, ask them this circumstance, they said "it's never happened before. Custom service is everything, they always put customs' right first".

Then my friend who stood beside me tried to explain more clearly to her, she said "I am dealing with your friend, it doesn't matter what you think, I have been in this company for 20 years, I am the manager here. You could call 1-800-Shoppers tomorrow, and it wouldn't change anything". Then she just left us and walked away. I was speechless.

It said on their website: "We have always remained true to our belief that the personal satisfaction of each and every customer is at the root of our success - and it can only be ensured by the commitment of people who realize that success is built one customer at a time". I called 1-800-SHOPPERS today, they said they cannot do anything, because each shoppers belong to individual owner. Do you believe that? If the head office is powerless like that, how could they guarantee the quality of the product we get from different store?

To be honest, I knew I can do nothing about the manager, like she said she had been in the company for more than 20 years. But I just wanna share the experience here. I'd like to go a store who respect human being from now on. And since the price in Shoppers is much more expensive than the other places.

Thank for your reading.

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