Monday, May 10, 2010

STAY AWAY FROM Russell Oliver's Jewellery On Eglinton West & Avenue Rd WORSE ATTITUDE

Location: Ontario, Toronto
Industry: Retail
Annoyed By: Russell Oliver's Jewellery

Hi i was just down there today because i saw his ad on the net, and i had some Silvery Jewelery to sell. They claim that they will buy your Jewelery and give you big bucks, but is this this biggest load of crap you guys have ever heard.

He mainly is interested in gold, but takes silver as well. So i went down there because i wanted to see how much i can get for my jewellery cause i need it for my books.

When i went inside, there was a double door that prevents theives from grabbing things and running out with them, so basically its like a 2 door trap that requires him to buzz you open. When i went in the first door, the salesman was helping some lady out in the cashier and made me wait between the 2 doors for like 3 mins trapped there before Oliver came out and buzzed me in.

Once i was in he asked what i had and i showed him. He said my necklace was "garbage", threw it back to my hand (literally) and said its Hong Kong (He may have said this as i am asian) and asked what else did i have. I was shocked when he did this.. how could he treat customers like this? i then offered him a ring and he said "Yeahhhh its used..... no one wants this used ring..... ill give you 50 bucks for it" Ok rfd members: i do believe his ad was "I BUY YOUR USED JEWELLERY" (the ring retail to me for $300+. and then im like, "forget it thanks anyway."

I wasnt the only one he treated like this. This gentle old lady came in after me offering him a gold necklace and a bracelet i believed when she walked in asked how much can she get for it. He said at the bracelet, "This is useless and worthless, what else you have?" She then showed him the necklace and he said this is ok, but this thing here is glass, so thats not worth much" You shouldve seen the sad look on her face, i felt bad for her but then again i knew how she felt as well.

Then I walked off. He then said good luck and let me out.

When i saw his ad on tv a few years ago, everyone remembers his wacky, comical and friendly voice. HE IS NOT LIKE THAT IN PERSON I REPEAT NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL. He was just bitter and had the worst attitude i have ever seen.

I personally do sales as well, but if you were to lowball, fine but you do not treat your customers in your store like this.

I Just want everyone to now his store is like, and if you ppl are considering of going there, get ready to experience this kind of behaviour.

I strongly discourage anybody going to this place, look for somewhere else to pawn your jewellery

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  1. Yeah, he looks like a slimy creep in those ads. Some ads are circus like and then he tries to come off as classy and reputable in the next, the guy is a joke. Just another bottom feeder lurking on the ass of society.